Untitled in Motion

Untitled in Motion


Untitled in Motion is a constant work of art, something many would compare to a painting. Founders Marika Kandelaki and Virginia Craddock approach their designs similarly to those of painters thinking of each garment as a canvas drawing parallels between the artist and the dreamer. Patterns are inspired by dreams, surrealist imagery each with an emphasis on colors and patterns.  


Founded in a time of a lot of uncertainty, Marika and Virginia choose to stick to the parallels between art and dreaming while putting an extra emphasis on sustainability. They recognize the fashion industry is flawed and choose to be part of the ongoing and ever evolving change. Starting with their fabrics, they use Tencel Luxe derived from natural yarns and durable enough to last in your wardrobe forever. They have committed to using only naturally derived fabrics and focus on ensuring the factories they work with are upholding the standards they would want to be part of. They are committed to learning and continually evolving their practices for a better tomorrow.  


People Matter. What Sh*t’s Made Of.  


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